I’m really distressed about climate change. What should I do?

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A rise in climate anxiety has been reported by psychologists and it is hardly surprising.  Watch this 4 minute video by the BBC as part of a “playlist featuring new, challenging and even visionary thinking around climate change and sustainability.”


The New Scientist writes, “If the prospect of climate change makes you stressed, anxious or depressed, you aren’t alone. ‘Eco-anxiety is a term that’s used a lot, but it’s misguided if it’s not used in the right way,’ said Sarah Niblock of the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) in her opening speech. ‘This is not an illness or disorder, it’s a perfectly normal and healthy reaction.'”

Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2220561-stressed-about-climate-change-eight-tips-for-managing-eco-anxiety/#ixzz63ecDEnCc

That said, you should visit your GP if your anxiety is preventing you from going about your normal life.  Other rebels report that GPs have been receptive and helpful.

Many members of Extinction Rebellion Derby (XRDerby) have explained how their climate anxiety is alleviated somewhat  by activism (Extinction Rebellion is clearly making a difference) and you will be surrounded by other people who understand your anxieties.  Sometimes you need a break from explaining over and over to others what should be mainstream realisations, but which aren’t yet.  People need other, like-minded people.  We organise social events to support this.  We take part in community events which are real, committed and which reach out to other people, asking them about their concerns and sharing ours.

Regenerative Culture

Regenerative Culture is a collection of practices and principles that aim to leave rebels better off physically and mentally than before. Checking in with each other, encouraging others to step back when they are doing too much and also swapping roles helps to keep each group going. You will be invited to join an affinity group of like-minded individuals. We are also planning grief ceremonies which tap into practices from a time when grief was communal. More can be read elsewhere in this FAQ.

Do something!

While XR Derby is a protest group and not responsible for providing solutions, we do connect with many local groups who are making a difference, such as:

Derby Climate Coalition https://www.facebook.com/DerbyClimate/

Trees for Derby https://treesforderby.org/

Attend the monthly Green Forum inside Derby City Council House.  For an explanation see here. The next event should be announced on our events page

How to Rebel Against Your Own Extinction

When your government fails to protect you, we believe it is your duty to rebel – and it feels great!

Here’s many different ways to rebel (even from home). See: https://rebellionderby.earth/how-to-rebel-against-your-own-extinction

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Further ideas

•Talk with your friends and family about your feelings
•Ask for support from your place of work, or school, college, or other agencies
•Avoid trolls
•Take a complete break for a while from climate-related news
•Take a break from social media, turn off notifications
•Get active outdoors
•Study, volunteer and work in environmental areas