Why wasn’t climate change stopped earlier?

It is very hard to overturn a whole system founded upon unreflective consumerism paying no attention to its environmental impact. The time is past when we could get away with it.

To admit that climate change was real and our actions were the cause,  would mean a rejection of the consumerism we have been brought up to believe was all and everything we needed.  “Bigger, better, faster, MORE!” We’d ALL have had to realise that our food was wrong, our car was wrong, our house was wrong, our holidays were wrong and everyone we lived with was wrong and that we need to change.  George Monbiot explains this and what we must do now to support the youth movement.

Nationally and internationally, Governments have been focused on growth in the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), rather than the continuing welfare and even the survival of the people they are meant to serve. This is because large corporations have put pressure on them to stop greener policies and politicians and political parties are doing business with them and receiving large donations from them.

Here’s the other reason: