A38 Campaign goes to Court in May

An update from The Stop the A38 Expansion Campaign group

We are in court for a full trial on 14th May – only two months away. This is our last chance to stop this incredibly damaging construction.

A High Court judge accepted in December that we have an arguable case, so everything hinges on the trial in May.


  • We are taking the government to court to stop the A38 road expansion (judicial review).
  • We have a strong case, we have stopped them before, and will do everything we can to stop them again. The environmental destruction, the carbon emissions, even the economics mean that this must be stopped.
  • £250,000,000 pays for a devastating level of destruction, including turning the A38 into a 3-lane motorway-style road cutting through Derby. Large numbers of mature trees felled along the route. A large slice taken off the edge of Markeaton Park. Significantly increased noise pollution. 131,000 tonnes of CO2 released. Increases in air pollution. Massive disruption during the four years of construction.

Full details are on the CrowdJustice fundraising page.

It is expensive taking this legal action, but we have already raised over £34,000 with the current fundraiser. We know we need to raise at least £48,000, and have a stretch target of £60,000. This is doable – there is very significant opposition to this scheme.

Call to Action: Please continue to contribute to, and share, the fundraiser if you can. Every pound really helps and ensures we can share out the costs of this legal action.


Thank you so much for all your support to date


Some text that you can use to share the campaign with your family, friends, and other groups.

Derby residents are fighting a £250 million A38 road expansion that threatens our environment and community.

They successfully stopped it before in 2021 on environmental grounds and are gearing up for a court trial on 14th May 2024. 

They need funds to support their legal fight: https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/stop-the-a38-road-expansion-for-good/ 

The expansion plans to widen the A38 to six lanes at Kingsway, Markeaton, and Little Eaton, which will lead to more traffic, environmental damage, urban sprawl and won’t fix congestion issues. It aims to clear the way for more car dependent developments, destroying wildlife habitats, removing areas of green space and increasing noise and pollution.

Construction work is estimated to take 4 years. During that time the A38 traffic will likely divert through Derby city centre and smaller roads and residential areas. There is no traffic mitigation plan in place yet. 

The scheme will fell thousands of trees, increase carbon emissions, increase noise and air pollution for some residents and increase traffic. Tree felling plans show more trees cut down than replanted! 11.38 hectares of woodland will be cut down with only 6.40 hectares planned for replanting.

Residents have been campaigning for the £250 million scheme budget to be invested into better, more affordable public transport in Derby instead. 

See more facts about the scheme with links to planning documents: https://www.a38derbychaos.org/key-facts-on-the-a38-expansion

Residents argue the £250 million A38 budget should instead support better, more affordable public transport options in Derby. 

For more details, visit: https://www.a38derbychaos.org/key-facts-on-the-a38-expansion 

Your support can help make a difference in this critical environmental and community effort.

Please share and donate : https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/stop-the-a38-road-expansion-for-good/