We have only a few years to make URGENT and VITAL changes in all areas of our lives

The science is clear: It is understood that we are facing an unprecedented global emergency. We are in a life or death situation of our own making.

Our leaders are failing us– it is up to us to take action and DEMAND change.

  • Global temperatures have already risen 1°C and are rising rapidly towards 1.5°C. Above this level we will see catastrophic and irreversible consequences: flooding, wildfires and mass migrations caused by famine and disappearing of water supplies.
  • The number of vertebrate species has fallen by over 60% since 1970.
  • The global insect population is declining by 2.5% per year.
  • Such a heavy reduction in insect numbers will soon leave us facing food, clean air and water shortages.

  • The government and media must tell the truth about the seriousness of the climate emergency and take actions to reverse policies and tell the public about changes they must make immediately.
  • The government must enact policies and binding legislation in order to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2025.
  • A citizen’s assembly must be formed to ensure the government is keeping to these promises and enforcing laws to make democracy work for us all.

See Another world is possible

Extinction Rebellion Derby is a group of concerned, ordinary local people.

We need you – whoever you are, however much time you have – to help build a powerful movement. Our vision of change involves mass participation. Together we’re unstoppable.

Follow these simple steps to find the information you need to get involved with Extinction Rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion Derby is a group of concerned, ordinary local people.