Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere

Hope you are safe and well during these difficult days. The year has started with a bang:

  • we have the news that 2020 was 1.25°C above pre-industrial times, and the hottest year ever (tied with 2016 which was boosted by El Niño);
  • the Secretary of State has granted consent for the A38 expansion works here in Derby;
  • we are in another stringent COVID lockdown;
  • we have had shocking scenes from the USA – is this what [not inevitable] “societal collapse” could look like?. The militias who led the attack on the Capitol were to a large extent built and emboldened by anti-environmental campaigns, largely on behalf of ranchers;
  • some of our amazing Derby and Chesterfield rebels have received court summonses from the September rebellion [please support them];
  • we are seeing our government breaking promises and authorising the use of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides;
  • … !

A38 Expansion

With planning consent granted, works are likely to start soon. Your help is needed – everything from supporting a legal challenge to protecting trees.

The A38 expansion will directly generate 131,000 tonnes of CO2, fell over a thousand trees (including many mature ones). The veteran oak (~300 years old) is to be killed (see photo at the end of this email). For four years air pollution in Derby will be made significantly worse.

In a climate and ecological emergency, the government is committing to spend £3bn on supporting nature, £27bn on roads and £106bn on HS2 – WTF!

Call to action –

September Rebellion – Court Summonses

XR Derby and Chesterfield rebels are starting to receive court summonses from the September rebellion. Despite the pandemic, they are being required to attend court in London for first hearings. It is astonishing to what lengths the State will go to prosecute peaceful protestors doing things like marking the road with (washable) chalk!

Call to action – please support our rebels in whatever way you can. They are making big sacrifices. If you can help out in any way (regen, fundraising, etc.) then contact XR Derby hold regular Zoom meetings every Monday evening, email us to get details.

Derby Visioning Workshop

2020 has been a time of challenge and development for Extinction Rebellion. The movement has had to learn on its feet and adapt to a continuously changing landscape.

As part of our regenerative culture, we need space to reflect, learn and plan for the future and this visioning workshop has been designed with this in mind.

The aim of the workshop is to give each person in the group a chance to express their visions for XR and be an integral part of the planning and decision-making process.

Another aim of the workshop is to make a visual plan with reachable targets ,so working towards a big goal in 2021 is tangible and realistic

Looking to become more involved in 2021… all are very welcome!

Call to action – check out:

Top scientists warn of ‘ghastly future of mass extinction’ and climate disruption

Smoke and flames rise from an illegal fire in the Amazon rainforest reserve, south of Novo Progresso in Para state, Brazil. Photograph: Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty

Sobering new report says world is failing to grasp the extent of threats posed by biodiversity loss and the climate crisis.


This is a Climate Emergency – Stop Building Roads!

Veteran Oak Tree with banner "This is a Climate Emergency - Stop Building Roads"

The above photo is of a mature oak near the Curly Wurly Bridge / Markeaton Park – one of hundreds to be felled.

In the local press:

Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere

Protestor climbs a tree in Parliament Square in September. Statue with sign "Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere"

Amazing photo from the September rebellion – an HS2 protestor climbs one of the trees using only two slings (a very challenging thing to do, especially with a heavy backpack and swarms of police at your feet)!

The statue in the foreground reads “Courage calls to courage everywhere”, and celebrates both Suffragists and Suffragettes.

‘Courage calls to courage everywhere’: Suffragist sculpture unveiled in London