the future we’re creating

  • Frequent extreme flooding – coastal cities in particular danger
  • Severe storms 40% more likely due to climate change
  • Extinction of species, collapse of ecosystem
  • Increase in droughts
  • Poor physical and mental health
  • Damage to buildings/ infrastructure due to extreme weather
  • Disrupted transport
  • Ocean acidification = failing fisheries
  • Conflict and climate refugees
  • Risk to water supplies
  • Food insecurity
  • Increase in pandemics due to drastic environmental changes
  • Increased risk of wildfires
  • Pests migrating to UK due to warmer climate
  • Increased, more frequent heat stress

the better future we can create

  • Reliable, clean and electric-powered public transport.
  • Fewer cars = space for socialising, children’s play areas, wildlife refuges
  • Space created for cycling, walking and other means of travel that is clean and safe
  • Clean air = healthier lives
  • Local, community based food production = no food miles, local jobs, greatly increased food security and control of animal welfare.
  • Community owned enterprises, for example power generation = thriving local economy, security and increased independence
  • Community decision making, for example citizen’s assemblies.
  • Green space and waterways restored and rewilded leading to the return of our wildlife = rivers less susceptible to flooding
  • Merge countryside with cities = best of both worlds, increased biodiversity
  • Physical and mental health are improved by increased exposure to nature, exercise and decreased social isolation.



How can you imagine a better world?

We do not have to accept the dystopian future we’re hurtling towards. We have a choice.

Right now, countries across the world are looking at plans to bailout climate-destroying industries and the banks that fund them. This is our money going to Big Business and Climate & Nature Destroyers instead of People and Planet.

On May 6th, the European Commission of the European Union will release a €2 trillion investment recovery plan from the pandemic. Airline companies want €26bn in European taxpayers’ money. The US has given $50bn for aviation. South Korea has approved $825m for building coal factories. All with no commitments for people and planet.

Locally Derby City Council has set up an economic recovery task force with Rolls Royce and they are currently lobbying Government for airline bailouts.

Derby City Council is still refusing to take air pollution seriously by prioritising the convenience of road vehicles over other public transport users, cyclists and walkers and continuing to support the £250 million A38 road works that are part of the Gov’s £27 billion road-building scheme. 

There has been no reallocating of road space for cyclists or pedestrians in Derby yet despite the central Gov £2 billion package to create a new era for cycling and walking.

Derby City declared a climate emergency in 2019 and nearly a year later, there is still no action. The pandemic has proven that urgent changes can be made to save lives. We need to treat the climate and ecological crisis with the same urgency. 

This inaction and continued support for high carbon emission businesses and infrastructure projects is breaking the Paris Agreement. In other words, it breaks the only agreement for keeping our world habitable.

This is why we must reject calls to “return to normal”. Normal was a crisis of care and Covid-19 has exposed this. We must transition into an economy that does not neglect but prioritises care and protects life everywhere.

It’s time to resist. This isn’t a petition. It’s a rebellion. If Governments bail out climate destroyers, what would you do to rebel?. Let’s show our strength.

We know the truth. There’s #NoGoingBack. This can’t continue.

It’s time for Governments to trust the people. Now, more than ever, we need to be calling for assemblies to govern ourselves, not be governed by big business.

Pledge and join thousands of other rebels from around the world, all united, standing proud. Whatever you can do, planet Earth needs every single one of us. We are all crew.


What can I do?