Aren’t you really hypocrites?

Yes. We all are.

We get comments like ‘I bet they drive cars’, ‘I bet they eat at McDonalds’, ‘they are all hippies’ etc. Pointing out hypocrisies in individuals as a basis for dismissing them is not an argument. We are ALL hypocrites when it comes to climate change because we currently and inescapably live within a society set up to exploit the environment with no consideration given to sustainability. We are all compelled to do things that contribute to our carbon footprint, whether we like it or not.

Extinction Rebellion is trying to reach an audience which, for 40 years, has ignored the science and asking politely has been ignored. We are facing a climate and ecological crisis that could have been and could yet, just about, be avoidable. Only now does it appear that the powers-that-be are finally starting to take notice. Let’s all do our bit and be respectful towards others striving to do the same, rather than launch out upon easy point-scoring that deflects attention from the crisis we all face.

Modified from an admin post on the We Support Chris Packham Facebook group.  See previous answers above for more on this.

“Critics have long argued that climate change protestors cause more harm than good. But an editorial published by a group of the world’s top climate change biologists has found activism actually drives interest in climate change science…
“They found that the keywords ‘climate action’ and ‘climate emergency’ were generally not searched for in the past, but their use increased 20-fold in 2019.”
Illawara Mercury, Australia Full article