Do I have to be vegan to join Extinction Rebellion?

No: we want to ensure that everyone concerned about the imminence of climate catastrophe can join our resistance.

We want to encourage anyone concerned about or wanting to learn more about imminent climate catastrophe to join us. One of the 10 principles of XR is that we accept everyone and every part of everyone. However, we encourage everyone to eat a plant-based diet and all our events that offer catering prominently include vegan food (unless labelled otherwise) to showcase the world we want to create, and to make vegans feel they don’t have to ask. Lots of friendly people can give you advice about eating a plant-based diet and many other things to reduce CO2 emissions and reverse biodiversity loss. Although it’s not all down to individual actions, a plant-based diet is a very good start. More on lifestyle choices crop up elsewhere in this FAQ.