How many placards and banners are made from biodegradable material? What is the total carbon footprint for their production and transport?

All our placards and banners are home produced using recycled materials. XR prints up banners on its own banner printer.

Ours were homemade from both reused banners and old cloth sheets and came with us and the large ones you may have seen in the news were printed with XR’s own printer in a secret location in London.

It is an easy jibe to ask these questions, but such criticisms miss the point: we are forced to protest in this way in the capital because for many decades the traditional marches, emails, petitions and lobbying of MPs have failed. But it also plays into the hands of the fossil fuel companies, media and advertisers by supporting the lie that it is mainly the responsibility of individuals to solve the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. “If you just buy a reusable cup, everything will be alright.” It is inevitable that everyone appears to be a hypocrite because at present everything we do is based upon a political system, an infrastructure and a consumer system paying little or no attention to the environment. We are all part of the system and we demand better choices. We try to achieve a balance and whenever we can we always select the least damaging green option.

  1. We seek to undermine the existing system through green consumer power and show different ways of living, like eating a plant-based diet, not flying or reducing this ot an absolute minimum, not buying newly made clothes, etc.
  2. We protest against the governments and banks that support fossil fuel expansion, deforestation, over-exploitation of the environment, wars and which don’t tell the truth. A particular target are a few massive multinational companies that are responsible, directly or indirectly, for a majority of the world’s polluting emissions


Spoof reporter Jonathan Pie explains the hypocrisy better: (bit sweary)

As does George Monbiot (also sweary but understandably angry yet controlled)