Remote actions to support Stop HS2


“On Sunday 22nd March, Boris Johnson reiterated the need for social distancing, following a weekend when many people went out in the sunshine during the Covid-19 crisis. The day after, it was very clear that these words of warning had been lost on HS2 Ltd.”  StopHS2 website.  See video.

Here’s how you can help

Please uphold XR’s Principles and Values and the Rebel Agreement when engaging in these remote actions. Please consider that the individuals involved will all be navigating this stressful and emotional period and for some, their livelihoods and futures will be very uncertain.
There are four woods that Stop HS2 thinks are in immediate danger: Crackley, Broadwells, Birches and Cubbington. These woods are in the vicinity of Kenilworth.
At this moment, those who would like to participate in actions from home can call or email the  HS2 helpline and make the following complaints:
  1. As of this writing (24th March) Scotland and Wales have now halted all major construction sites to comply with the physical distancing required. In England, Crossrail has also shut down. HS2 bosses should comply as well.
  2. HS2 workers are travelling across the UK to compounds (For example, there were people from Scotland to Cardiff working on fencing on Monday 23rd March)
  3. Felling ancient woodland in bird nesting season is totally illegal according to Wildlife Countryside Act 1981. HS2 plan to go ahead with tree-felling in full knowledge that this practice is illegal.
  4. You may also want to refer to this letter written by Robert Butler MP on 23rd March.
HS2 Helpline: Tel 08081 434 434
You can also email the Prime Minister directly to express the above points. Here is Extinction Rebellion’s letter that they sent today.
There are 4 subcontractors that the Stop HS2 campaign have reported seeing on site, although we have been unable to independently verify their participation in HS2 work. You could consider contacting these subcontractors to express concern for their employees and their activities:
New actions added 24/3/20 pm!!!!
Here is a list of Contractors working on HS2 who you can phone or email.
This is the crowdfunder page to support the Stop HS2 campaign
The petition to Repeal the 2013 and 2017 HS2 Hybrid Bills halting all HS2 works immediately.
Email the HS2 Minster, Andrew Stephenson: You could use this letter as your starting point.
You could email your MP, perhaps using this letter as your starting point.
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