Well done everybody!!

@London and Derby

A massive thank you to everyone who gave their time to the rebellion in various ways: to those who gave up their liberty and risk prosecution, to those who gave hours of support in person and in running our back office and those who solved problems behind the scenes before and during.

Thank you to those who spoke to the media or spoke to friends and colleagues to explain why we had to go beyond traditional campaigning.

XR Derby Autumn Rebellion

We have all been part of the largest act of civil disobedience in British history.  

If you have photos you would like to share for use on the website and social media, please upload them to this folder on Basecamp: https://3.basecamp.com/4224565/buckets/12139057/vaults/2133247237
XR Derby Autumn Rebellion


We are planning support and occasions for people to reflect on the sacrifice they have made in being arrested and how it affects them afterwards. Regeneration starts with a social for everyone:

Let’s come together for the debrief and shared meal on Friday 25 October. Information about this and other events we’d love to see you at are on our website at https://rebellionderby.earth/events

In case anyone wants to share stories of the rebellion, The Guardian (that had us on the front page regularly throughout the Rebellion) are collecting submissions. Anonymous submissions are possible too.



Big Night Out Poster


Please spread the word about our BIG NIGHT OUT fundraiser on 22 November: We’ve put together a stunning line up of acts to entertain everyone, raise some funds and celebrate a year of action that’s making a positive difference in people’s lives! Artists include local talent with national and international acclaim!



Please get in touch via email or Basecamp if you have ideas for future events. Look out for news of an action and strategy meeting soon.

See you soon!

XR Derby