How to Rebel Against Your Own Extinction


The October Rebellion was very successful and would have been even more effective with more people.  Here’s how to be prepared for similar protests in Derby and elsewhere.



Read this personal account from a Derby rebel who took part in the October 2019 Extinction Rebellion Protests:

A board witht eh words WE ARE NATURE DEFENDING ITSELF with flowers round the edges


Staying in touch

Please download the Signal app if you have a smart phone. Signal is an app for sending and receiving encrypted texts and calls via the Internet and mobile data. You can find it online in your app store.

Alternatively buddy up with someone with a smart phone.

Members of Peak XR and XR Derby holding a roadblock at our LOVE REBELLION site

Members of Peak XR and XR Derby holding a roadblock at our LOVE REBELLION site




Keep it going

A performer sings to cheer the crowd of rebels at Horse Guards Road between St James's Park and the Treasury in London.XR Derby's Wellbeing Love Fairies cheer up locked on rebels with chocolates and snacks

Here are some things we really need doing:

1. Please consider donating. We are raising funds for the Derby-based group of XR, in order to make our protests more visible, effective and inclusive. The proceeds will be spent on:

– materials and logistics for actions in the Derby area;

– local outreach activities (leaflets, venue bookings, etc.);

– digital resources (website, apps and engagement tools);

– support for the well-being of our activists.

Donate online


2. For those Rebels who cannot take action on the street, we are asking that you flood all Government Departments with complaints via phone, email, or any other means, for their failure to take a stand in the face of the sixth mass extinction.


3. Promote the Rebellion through all available social media channels. Share our posts – links to all our channels are below.


#EverybodyNow Sisters united stronger than ever! Helping hold our site with strength and love 🧡 Join the @ExtinctionR for the sake of all our futures.


4. Talk to friends, family and colleagues about the climate crisis and the October rebellion. Explain why we were there, why traditional campaigning has failed and remind them of the history of change. Here are some key points


5. Contact your local MP to ask for their support for Rebellion. This will help defer strong police action. Find your MP’s contact details here Be polite but clear and give your postcode.


6. Contact TV and radio stations and help to make our case.

Listen to how Dave and Edward explained it on BBC Radio Derby on Sunday:

Hear how Mary put it in a nutshell as part of the Monday morning bulletin:


7. Become an Earth Protector and support making Ecocide an international crime like genocide. “The International Criminal Court … has had the effect of putting tyrants everywhere on notice that they can no longer act with impunity. If ecocide were declared a crime by the ICC, this could have a similarly daunting effect on those corporate tyrants who currently know they can get away with devastating the world’s “sacrifice zones” where they are pillaging the earth’s resources for profit.” Jeremy Lent, Author


8. Divest from Fossil Fuels – Find an ethical bank that is not funding fossil fuel expansion and climate change with the Ethical Consumer’s List of Current Accounts.


The backs of a crowd of rebels arm in arm watching flags in the distance

This Rebellion is for all of us.
However you can show support, contribute, and feel part of a historic moment in the history of British civil disobedience, we are asking that you do so.





Thanks everyone!