Protectors stop HS2

@Offchurch, Warwickshire

Extinction Rebellion stopping HS2 destruction in Uxbridge


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Extinction Rebellion in Warwickshire

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HS2 News from Welsh Road, Warwickshire

The protectors at Welsh Road urgently need help. This is an action you can slot straight into. There is no need to get arrested if you don’t want to as the police give plenty of warning if that is their intention. It’s only an hour down the motorway so you can go down for the day and be home by teatime!

The Welsh Road is between the villages of Offchurch & Bascote, Warwickshire. Please if you can spare the time go down and show your support. Each extra person means potentially hundreds of trees saved from destruction.

HS2 is currently under review and may well be cancelled very soon. But contractors are still being allowed to carry on ripping out hedges and felling trees along the proposed route. Small groups of protesters are able to stop this by peacefully blocking machinery. There’s a grubbing machine works by clamping on to trees and ripping them out of the ground. It can get through hundreds of trees in a day. By peacefully blocking the back of the trailer we were able to prevent the machine from being unloaded. Police were very professional in their approach and seemed to decide it wouldn’t be practical to arrest us all. Result: hundreds of trees saved and no arrests.

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If you’d like to go down and help but you need more information, please email us on

Take the campaign to the Government

Ecosystems permanently damaged. Irreplaceable habitats destroyed. Taxpayer’s money spent on restoration wasted. Species extinctions at a local level. This could be nature’s fate if the current plans for HS2 continue.

In the most comprehensive assessment to date, The Wildlife Trust’s new report reveals the sheer scale of the potential damage that HS2 could cause.

The figures are grim.

The reality could be even worse.

Given the evidence of the impacts on nature, now is the time to rethink how HS2 is being done.

Join us in calling on the Prime Minister to stop and rethink the entire project – while there is still time.

Please add your name our open letter to Boris Johnson today:

Take action at the Wildlife Trust’s website